Marinara Turkey Meatballs

Hand rolled and seasoned to perfection, on bite is never enough!

Meatless Sliders

An amazing vegetarian twist on a classic, using chickpeas as the base.

Super Veggie Wraps

Saucy tofu with pickled veggies rolled up into a mouthful of deliciousness.

Charcuterie Cheese Platter

Cut with precision from some of our finest cheese selections.

Fantastic Fruit Skewers

Fresh, seasonal, refreshingly fantastic.


Custom Buffet

Our gourmet chefs will prepare a mouth watering selection of mains and sides for your event.  Choose from a variety of our signature flavors paired with the protein sources of your choices.  Our extensive selection of carbs and veggie sides will make sure that your guests will be coming back for seconds!

Contact us directly to get a quote based on the size and budget of your event.


Tahini Sirloin Bites

Steak a la Mediterranean

Bishops Chicken Skewers

Our most popular chicken dish, served on a stick!

Curry Chickpea Cups

Roasted chickpeas with a blast of Indian fusion.

Greek Style Meatballs

Opa! A classic flavor rolled up for your taste buds.

Seasonal  Veggie Skewers

Mouth watering and grilled to perfection!

Pinwheel Sirloin Quesadillas

Bite size, with a blast of jalapeno hidden in the sauce!

Indonesian Chicken Skewers

A blast of Asian fusion has made this a popular menu item, we had to include it!

Tex Mex Fajita Turkey Cups

This flavor filled mini dish will have you heading south for the border!

Breaded Coconut Chicken Bites

All the flavors of chicken and waffles in one bite.

Spicy Sesame Black Bean Balls

Served with a tantalizing yogurt dressing.

Minimum order for all of the above items (minus the cheese board) is by the dozen.