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  • Bibimbap Bowl

    Sliced vegetables tossed in asian inspired house dressing served on white rice and gochujang roasted tofu, then drizzled with authentic Korean sauces and spices.

    $16.55 - 665 CALORIES
    23 PROTEIN | 84 CARB | 14 FAT
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  • Hawaiian Teriyaki Bowl

    Love BBQ? Look no further, these soy curls pack a punch! Marinated in vegan broth then roasted in the oven, glazed in Got 2 Eat Meals Vegan Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce, pineapple, roasted peppers, on top of brown rice will have you yelling “mahalo!”

    $16.55 - 415 CALORIES
    18 PROTEIN | 65 CARB | 5 FAT
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  • Soy Curl Curry with Methi Rice

    Rich Thai flavours, accompanied by light fenugreek. This dish is a welcome addition to summer, tender soy curls, marinated in almond milk, turmeric, ginger, and garlic served with fluffy methi rice and peas.

    $16.55 - 565 CALORIES
    26 PROTEIN | 85 CARB | 12 FAT
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  • Vegan Breakfast Skillet

    Spicy Vegan Chorizo Sausage served with Tofu Scramble served on a bed of peppers, onions and yellow roasted potatoes.  Meat free, dairy free & completely Organic.   The perfect way to start your day.

    $11.55 - 643 CALORIES
    45 PROTEIN | 55 CARB | 17 FAT
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  • Vegan Chorizo Quesadilla

    One of our most popular Spanish dishes stuffed with the usual peppers, onions, red cabbage and instead filled with Vegan Chorizo Sausage & Vegan Cheese.  And yes it comes w Salsa.  Ole !

    $16.55 - 708 CALORIES
    37 PROTEIN | 77 CARB | 32 FAT
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  • Vegan Primavera

    Asparagus, and peas tossed in vegan sundried tomato pesto, loaded with healthy hemp hearts and spicy vegan Italian sausage, all served on top of tender carrot pasta.

    $16.55 - 579 CALORIES
    27 PROTEIN | 53 CARB | 41 FAT
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  • Vegan Burrito Bowl

    Mexican inspired burrito bowl with better than ground beef flavour, mexi rice, Got 2 Eat special blend of soy curls and walnuts, vegan cheese, salsa, and sauteed peppers and onions.

    $16.55 - 739 CALORIES
    21 PROTEIN | 84 CARB | 35 FAT
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