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Valri Cunningham

Valu Fitness


Alice Shin

Working Partner at DripFit / Creator of Alice Fit Foods

Ad Iron (Adam)

Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist / Founder at Ad Iron Fitness
At Ad Iron Fitness we focus on 3 foundational areas; Aesthetics, Kinetics, and Performance. Whatever your goals, we can help you achieve them with our unique programming, and attention to detail.

AESTHETICS – we help you improve your physique by addressing postural issues, reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass and improving your overall body composition.
KINETICS – we help you learn about proper body mechanics, and apply functional training to improve posture, mobility, flexibility and build a foundational body that is essential to increasing fitness levels.
PERFORMANCE – specializing in strength, conditioning, gymnastics, and high intensity interval training, we help can help you regardless of your fitness level or experience in the gym improve your athletic performance all while burning fat and gaining muscle.



Elisha Schmidt

Ever since I was youngin, I have always been athletic. I have played every sport in school, including track. I started competing in bikini competitions in 2012, I have done 9 shows since then, I have placed 2nd twice and always in the top 10! I am a foodie and LOVE to eat.. When I’m not at the gym, I can be found at my barn hanging out with my horse, or at home with my fiance, dog, 2 cats and hamster